Childhood in World History (Themes in World History) by Peter N Stearns

Childhood in World History (Themes in World History)

Book Title: Childhood in World History (Themes in World History)

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113867432X

Author: Peter N Stearns

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Peter N Stearns with Childhood in World History (Themes in World History)

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Taking a global look at what the category of childhood has meant from agricultural societies to the present day, Childhood in World History offers a vital overview of this topical field. Through comparative analysis, Peter Stearns facilitates a cross-cultural and transnational understanding of attitudes towards the role of children in society, and how "models" of childhood have developed throughout history. Engaging with issues around children’s role in the family and the involvement of communal, national, educational, and global infrastructures, Stearns unpacks the experience of childhood in the West, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

This expanded and updated third edition includes:

  • updated bibliographies and suggested readings
  • expanded discussions of religion and children’s rights
  • a new chapter on families in developing economies in the early twentieth century
  • broadened discussions of childhood in Japan and in communist countries.

With expanded further reading lists, Stearns’s accessible text not only provides an overview of its field but also offers a research guide for more specialized study. Concisely presented but broad in scope, Stearns’s accessible text guides readers through the transformations of the concept of childhood.