Energizing Brain Breaks by David U. Sladkey

Energizing Brain Breaks

Book Title: Energizing Brain Breaks

Publisher: Corwin

ISBN: 1452268126

Author: David U. Sladkey

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David U. Sladkey with Energizing Brain Breaks

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The fastest way to keep your students engaged

Glazed look in your students′ eyes? They need is an Energizing Brain Break―a quick physical and mental challenge to refresh them. This full-color flip book contains 50 highly effective, classroom-tested ideas for all grades. You′ll find pictures, directions, and online videos for activities like:

  • Slap Count Letters: students alternate slapping each other′s hands while spelling a word
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors, Math: partners reveal a certain number of fingers to each other, and the first person to add them together wins
  • Bizz-Buzz: groups of students count from 1 to 40 using a combination of numbers and words